altWhat a rush,…
This weekend was the moment of truth.
After almost three years of not getting caught, it happened.
Exploring an old factory in Belgium we ended up taking some shots from the outside.
We carefully passed the open area to our entrance.
In a blink of an eye, a private security car stopped when he spotted us.
This guy jumped out and started to scream something,…  (Had no idea what, we were in de France speaking part of Belgium).
The cat and mouse game had begun.
But there was one problem.
This location is well concealed. Believe it or not, there was only one entrance here and this guy was parked right in front of it.
He knew this and like a cat he was waiting in front of the hole, for the mice to come out, so we decided after like 10, 15 minutes to show ourselves.
We knew we had lost,…
Walking to the fence,  first my buddy climbed under and then through the gap, knowing we had lost the game. 1-0 for the security with 1 minute to play,…
Ready to confront, Tabitha said,.. "He's gone".
Only his car stood there, but he was no were in sight,…
Suddenly we had scored 1-1 and got us some extra time,…
I have never crawled and climbed so quick, packed with gear.
He probably had taken a look on the other side to find us (Dumb).
We walked to our car about 200 metres away from the entrance and drank some coffee from our thermos flask.
At that moment a policevan came by and we gave them a friendly nod. They passed by,…
We decided to go to the next location, driving by the factory we saw the security guard talking to the police.
He was defeniteley not amused.

What a great weekend.


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