This "Neuro" is like other Ex Ospedale Psichiatrico’s in Italy, left to the influence of decay, when
a law called “180” is taken on by the government of Italy.
This law is taken on, to forbid the isolation of the mental ill and braindead patients.
They (political parties and government) persume these mental ill patients are better
of, reintegrating in the local community or with their own family’s.


Around the year 1871, at first this complex was build as a home for the beggars in the region. B
ut soon the place becomes a Madhouse, a Provincial Asylum, because there are too many mental
ill persons around the region.

The place is converted to be a hospital and shelter, maybe even a prison.

In the first half of the 20e century, there is a lot of discussion going on about the treatment and care of
the mental ill people, all through Europe. We all know the horror stories about
shock therapy, psychotropic drugs, isolation and so on.

The paviljon "Chiarugi", in memoriam of the founder of Psychiatry,
is closed, after 2 century’s of enclosing the mental ill patients, the lunatics.

Now this beautiful place, with the
awesome atmosfere and breathtaking architecture, is the playground of urbexers
and photographers.
My dear friend Nicole and I spent more then 6 hours inside the manicomio, to capture the beauty of
it’s decay. We even forgot about eating something, by the time we got back to
our car, the mozzarella and proscuito had melted and our drinks were boiling!
But we didn’t care at all, we had enjoyed every minute of our visit!


Portfolio : Tabitha