Just a few marine boats, waiting to be scrapped…
Yeah Right…NOT…

From the first moment I laid my eyes on photographs of these ships, I’ve wanted to see and explore them in real life!
Even in my dreams these ships haunted me…

But who was willingly and crazy enough to go there with me?


All sorts of horror stories came to me in the past few months, about the frequently
patrolling of the Coast Guard Marines, part of the armed forces, about the current being so strong, about sharks in the
water, about being shot when they catch you on board of one of the ships, about
the fine and doing jail for a half year, about the helicopters with infra-red camera’s…

During the night we arrived on top of the hill, total darkness surrounded us,
a dark and tight afforestation was waiting for our approach.
With our gear and courage under our arms, we started walking and sliding down the hills.
After a long time we found the shore, with the most strong flashlight we aimed at the ships…
dark, dark water was as far as we could see and at the end of the light of the
THERE they were, like green ghosts, floating on the dark water,
surrounded by a sky full of millions of stars…
The sight was breathtaking!


Oke, next action, into the water…
we didn’t keep our feet dry, but we had no time to stay and moarn about that.
The night was so quiet and motionless, every word we said, every sound we made,
every light we had to put on, we thought someone saw us… and knew what we were
trying to do!

After some time we found our way in, a last tekst message send home and then we were exploring the ships!
We ran out of time so quickly, although we spend 6 hours on board.

Coming back to the hatch, it was open! We were all sure we had closed it, going in….

How was that possible? Very strange and a bit alarming. We decided, not to stay any longer on the ships,
allthough we weren’t ready to leave yet. But no further risk to be taken.

Going on shore, our boats went flat, when we made contact with the sharp ground… in a few seconds we were out
of the boats and in a meters thick mud and seaweed. A hilarious arrival, that’s
for sure. Being filmed was a bit less hilarious…
okay, I forgive you guys!

We took a last look at the ships, lying there, it was broad daylight.
They looked less thrilling, as they had revealed their well kept secrets to us.
A long way up the hill was the hardest, arriving at the car, we fell to the earth and drank a beer and ate some

Well, the taste of victory is one we will never forget!
After a half an hour, we packed up and got in the car.
The view over the bay was fantastic, we made the usual shot of the ships, down
in the bay. There we saw, why probably the hatch was opened when we got back…

Thanks guys, AVP, Mr. Stoof and Intreagingplaces, for the most exciting urbex trip so far!

I guess that the places I will beexploring in the near future, no way will be as much thrilling as this one was!


Portfolio: Tabitha